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ACOSA Update

Greetings from the Chair 5.15.24
By Cheryl Hyde
Posted: 2024-05-15T14:00:00Z

Greetings! Having successfully met last week’s grading deadline, I can now say that my summer is finally here (even if it’s just 60 degrees). This is the time of year when I attempt to cram all the non-teaching projects that were set aside during the academic year into three months of work. It’s rarely pretty.

This summer looks to be an interesting one, with several macro-related projects in the works. To that end, I’d like to share information on two of them and invite ACOSA members in.

1. Community Practice Curriculum Materials: You may have seen the email from CSWE announcing the that a new version of the Macro Curriculum Guide, which will be based on the 2022 EPAS, is underway. The Special Commission to Advance Macro Social Work is the coordinating organization. ACOSA, Influencing Social Policy, and the Network for Social Work Management have composed teams to review the CSWE EPAs and distill for macro social work, curate curricular material, and synthesize across the three areas of macro practice. Guiding our work is attention to DEI and anti-oppressive frameworks, collaboration across macro areas (let’s breakdown the silos), global social work content, inclusion of macro content in BSW and MSW generalist programs, and in practicum education, and the use of AI.

ACOSA is tasked with coordinating the community practice content. Our team includes: Cheryl Hyde, Shane Brady, Rosemary Barbera, Mary Ohmer, Jill Murray, Monica Leisey, Amie Thurber, and Dominique Montgomery. In addition to the above-mentioned principles, we collectively are committed to curating materials that reflect liberatory praxis, social movements and collective actions, community-driven and centered partnerships, critical reflexivity and cultural humility, human rights, ethical practice (beyond the NASW code), and conceptual/theoretical frameworks including (but not limited to): radical feminism, abolition, critical race, popular education, and decolonization.

To cast a wide net, we invite you to submit curricular/course materials that you’ve used for consideration. These may include current syllabi, recommended readings, exercises, or assignments. You can upload your materials here: Community Practice Curriculum Materials. Please make sure that your name and an email contact is included with your submission. It would also help us if you could indicate what EPAS your material aligns with (could be more than one) and how you’ve used this material. We can’t promise that your material will make the final “cut” (we’ve got a page limit), but we will include it in a resurrected ACOSA Teaching Archives.

2. Summer Writing Group: Because the summer months are often the time when those of us who need to crank out journal articles and other written products get our work done, some of us in ACOSA thought that a writers group might help. So, if you’re interested in being part of (or just checking out) a Summer Writing Group, please fill out this form: ACOSA Summer Writing Group. This group is meant to be supportive, relatively informal, and fun. Particular attention will be paid to quality dissemination outlets for macro-oriented work. Whether you’ve been writing for a long time or are just starting out, consider joining us. And while this might appeal more to those of us in academia, everyone is welcome.

In different ways, both projects are about making connections and building community. For some of us, there may be a need for sustained work. For others, it may work better to dip in and out. Regardless of what you are able to contribute to or engage in, I hope that you will feel that these efforts are places to join, participate, and be with others who value your ideas and actions. And if you have suggestions for other initiatives that can cultivate the ACOSA community, please let us know.

In solidarity,

Cheryl (